Monday, August 25, 2014

The excitement leading up to UFC 177

In the first Bantamweight Championship fight between Renan Barão and T.J. Dillashaw at UFC 173, Dillashaw didn't waste anytime. He was very calm and collective in the beginning of the first round, but when the opportunity eventually presented itself, he went for the attack. Dillashaw landed a huge right shot on Barão's face which had him rocked. From that moment on, until the end the fight, Dillashaw was in total control. He dominated in their first encounter by landing nasty combinations that left Barão dazed and battered. In the fifth round, it looked like Dillashaw was going to win by decision, but instead, Dillashaw left the fight out of the judges' hands by winning via TKO. 

It was a major upset. Prior to their first fight, Renan Barão was on an absolute tear. He was undefeated for almost a decade. While defending his title, he took down top fighters, and was on his way to wiping out the entire Bantamweight division. T.J. Dillashaw was a huge underdog in their first bout. He was ranked #4, which convinced me that Barão would pull off the win with ease. With Dillashaw's flawless performance, he reminded me on that night, that in a fight anything could happen. 

Their rematch is scheduled for this Saturday in the main event at UFC 177. It's obvious that Renan Barão wants to redeem himself in this rematch by recapturing the title, and reminding the world that he is still the best of the best. Remaining as UFC Bantamweight Champion is on T.J Dillashaw's agenda. The MMA world will see this Saturday who will be victorious.