Monday, September 22, 2014

My weekend with Destiny

Since the release of Destiny, there's been a lot of buzz going around on the internet. Based on what I seen in the beta, Destiny looked promising.  I started playing Destiny last week, and from the start it has grabbed my attention. Now I think I'm officially hooked. First, the visual are definitely worth admiring. Everything from the character design to environment design is absolutely beautiful. Other hand the visuals, the controls feels great, and the sound design is well done. Along with that, the music really help captures the feel of this game, especially when you defeated a room full of enemies. Bungie did a great job selecting the right sounds and music, which makes the playing experience even more epic.

The problem with Destiny is that you're going to play through the same levels multiple times, and that gets repetitive. After seeing the same environment over and over again, the game starts to feel less exciting. 

Overall, I really been enjoying this game. I look forward to see what Bungie has in sort for Destiny. I hope to see DLCs in the near future.