Monday, October 2, 2017

Catching up with Abzû (video game)

Abzû is an underwater adventure video game which was originally released on August 2, 2016, for Windows and PlayStation 4. Abzû places the player in a colorful, gorgeous, stress-free underwater world ready to be explored.

Abzû does a phenomenal job capturing the wonders of the deep sea. You play as a Diver in this ocean simulation. As I started to guide the character through the game, I immediately began to appreciate the stunning visuals and effects. At times, I took a moment just the admire the sunshine coming through the waters above you. You are not alone in this sea adventure. I came across a school of colorful fishes, whales, and dolphins. It was a thrill to hold onto a whale while others swim by my side.

For the most part, exploring freely in Abzû was exciting. However, other than swimming, Abzû doesn't offer much. You'll swim through most of the entire the game, and will only walk on land for brief periods. Along the way, you'll be encountered by mines that will temporarily slow you down, but you can easily bypass them. There are a few simple puzzles you'll encounter as well.

Abzû was fun, short, and sweet. It provided a stress-free entertaining experience filled with underwater mysteries and discoveries which can last for about four hours. Each section of this adventure displays it's beautiful art direction and a marvelous sense of the scale of an enormous environment under the deep blue sea.

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