Monday, April 13, 2015

My reaction to Bellator 136 (Main Event)

Bellator Lightweight Champion Will "Ill Will" Brooks defended his title for the first time this past Friday at Bellator 136. Brooks successfully defended his belt against MMA veteran, and former WEC and M-1 Global competitor, Dave Jansen. This was Brooks' first MMA bout of this year, and he definitely had a impressive performance. He achieved his victory by pressuring his opponent, landing combinations, and overall being the busier fighter. Here is a breakdown of the bout:


Dave Jansen had a fast start in the opening round. He started the round with a push kick, and continued to push the pace by landing a series of kicks. Jansen utilized his clinch game by pressing Will Brooks against the cage, and landing knees to the body.


Brooks opened the second round by landing a roundhouse kick to Jansen. Brooks did a great job defending Jansen's shots, and landed combinations to the face and body. Throughout most of this round, Brooks successfully got out of the clinch, and continued to land combinations. Toward, the end of the round, Brooks scored a huge takedown during the last minute. Brooks landed fifty out of seventy-two strikes.


Brooks started round three in the middle of the cage, and pressed forward. He landed a spinning back kick to Jansen's body. Brook's combinations eventually busted Jansen open underneath his eye. Jansen seem tried in the third round, and attempted less strikes compared to the previous rounds.


Jansen attempted a takedown but failed to capitalize. He kept Brooks pressed against the cage until the referee broke them up. Brooks defended another takedown from Jansen. He then pressed Jansen against the cage, and continued to land shots to Jansen's body and face. Brooks was definitely the busier fighter.


Brooks stuck to what worked for him in the previous rounds by pressuring his opponent. He was the aggressor throughout this round. Through the entire round, Brooks kept pressing  Jansen against the cage, and landed combinations of punches, kicks, and knees.

Dave Jansen opened the fight by pushing the pace, but didn't kept the same pace throughout the fight. Will Brook utilized his striking ability, defended Jansen's strikes standing up and in the clinch, and won the last four rounds. Great job champion!