Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My journey in Bloodborne so far #1

Last month, I started my journey in the PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne. So far, I'm definitely enjoying the time I spent playing this game. After playing it for a while, I noticed that Bloodborne does a great job disciplining the player. If you are impatient, or become too greedy while battling enemies, you will become frustrate, and your character will die many times.

I managed to defeated both Cleric Beast, and Father Gascoigne. I was able to defeated Cleric Beast on my second try. Patience is a must in Bloodborne. Each enemy and boss I encountered so far moves differently, and has unique attacks. You have to study each enemies' pattern, in order to counter their attacks and capitalize. When I fought Father Gascoigne, I thought I had everything figured out with countering enemies' attacks. I got too greedy, and Father Gascoigne defeated me multiple times. I was so frustrated that I had to take a break from playing the game. Eventually, later that night, I defeated this boss. Don't get too greedy!

 I find Bloodborne both exciting and frustrating, which is why I'm enjoying it so much. It does a marvelous job rewarding you for your patience. Currently, I'm at Old Yharnam. I know I have a lot of playing ahead of me, and I look forward to it.

Game On!