Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The countdown until Splatoon

Nintendo's new Wii U IP, Splatoon is slated for release later this month. When Nintendo announced Splatoon during last year's E3, I was intrigued. This third-person team-based shooter is bright, colorful, and charming. Based on the gameplay footage I watched, and players' reactions I seen in person at PAX East 2015, Splatoon definitely seems

It's refreshing to see an all new IP coming from Nintendo. I love the Mario, Metroid, and Zelda franchises for multiple reasons, but to see a new IP that shows a lot of potential is a good thing to both gamers, and Nintendo as well. If Splatoon is a success, it will be a great addition to Nintendo's powerhouse list of franchises.

Splatoon introduces mechanics that will give the player the ability to change to humanoid form and squid form. While playing in humanoid form, the player can shoot colored ink across the level. Teams win matches by covering most of the level with their team's colored ink before time expires. In squid form, the player can swim through their team ink, travel across the levels faster, bypass gates, and swim up walls.

Like most games I'm excited for, I'm hoping for the best. Splatoon has charm, an unique art style, and most importantly, it's a new Nintendo IP that shows a lot of potential. Can't Wait!

Game On!